Our Photo/Image Cakes - Personalize Edible Photos on your Cakes & Cupcakes
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Personalize your cakes and cupcakes by our photo imaging:

   1. Select your flavor.
   2. Select your own favorite photo or image from our catalog and take it to our store.
   3. We will scan your photo using edible ink and it will be applied on to your cake. You                                               have now your own favorite photo or image on your cake!

Personalize your cakes and cupcakes to suit your needs:

1.Select your flavor
2.Select the number of tier/layer
3.Select the frosting
4.Select the size
5.Select a design from our catalog or your own design.
6.Call us for an estimate

      We will make your shopping experience fun & easy while we take care of the rest, down to the smallest detail. It’s a piece of cake!!!
Please feel free to contact us anytime if you have questions regarding  designs, pricing and cost estimates. To ease the ordering process, please print and complete the order form, (click here) and fax at 808-990-7663 or take it directly to our store.

Images - from our catalog
Your own favorite photo
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